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The Spring Star Quilt Pattern

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

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I used to think that receiving gifts wasn't anywhere near the top of my list when it came to the five love languages. My husband, though, occasionally comes home with a surprise for me. One afternoon, he came home from the store with a graph paper notebook for me to doodle around in when designing gifts. Needless to say, I'm rethinking the order of my love languages.

As I began to doodle, the Spring Star took shape. In the original, the colors were very bright and didn't go that well together but I found the design to be quite striking. After playing around with what colors went where and how many different colors there should be, my first quilt pattern from my little yellow graph paper notebook was complete.

There are so many reasons to love this throw. The blocks are so simple, yet when you put them together, they create a beautiful pattern. This project would be great for beginning and experienced quilters alike. Beginners will find detailed instructions and simple piecing. Experienced quilters will have something relaxing and fairly quick to work on in their spare time.

Inspired by the fresh colors of spring, this pattern doesn't just look great in greens: it's really quite versatile, working for any season (I personally am looking forward to trying out a Christmas version!).

Some of those other colors I was playing around with...they made the pattern too! The PDF download available in my Etsy shop comes with instructions for two color variations as well as modifications to make it a baby quilt or a king size.

One valuable tool when making this pattern is a Bloc Loc ruler. These save me a lot of time (and hassle!) when trimming up half square triangles. The grove in the center of the ruler locks onto the seam of your half square triangle and keeps it from slipping. I found mine on Amazon. I love the 5.5" size. I find that it is big enough for most of the half square triangles I make. I don't often spend the money on fancy fixings for my sewing room but this is definitely a purchase I don't regret.

Click below to order your own Bloc Loc ruler!

For the fabric, I use "Speckled" in Citron Metallic, Emerald Green Metallic, White/Gold Metallic, and Pine Metallic by the Ruby Star Society. I've made my quilt with just four colors but I can also picture this done scrappy as well. I cannot wait to see all the color variations you all come up with!

Get ready to be making a lot of half square triangles with this beauty! I'm in love with quilts where you can fall into a steady rhythm. It truly turns quilting into a mindful activity.

It will be so fun to see the versions that you create with this pattern. Have fun!

Grab your copy of the pattern here

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