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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Orange Peel Applique

Intimidated by applique? Don't want to sew curves? I get it. I was there. I have long been an admirer of cathedral windows and orange peel quilts. But that was it, just an admirer. When I came across this applique technique I decided I would become more than just an admirer. I was going to make my own orange peel quilt and a very scrappy one at that.

Side note: I tried sewing from my scraps/stash only for a year. It was hard. I bought new fabric once in March. After a year, I can say I still have plenty of scraps from my scrap quilts to make more scrappy quilt goodness. I bought new fabric for Christmas.

Let's dive in!

What is this technique that turned my fantasies into an actual quilt top?

1. Using your orange peel template, cut out one orange peel from your fabric and one orange peel from a super lightweight interfacing (one with glue dots).

2. Cut a slit in the center of the interfacing. Then, with the right side of the fabric together with the glue dotted side of the interfacing, sew a quarter of an inch around the edge. Flip your orange peel right side out making sure to make the corners nice and sharp.

3. Iron your orange peel onto your block and stitch by hand or by machine. I used an applique stitch on my machine but if you don't have one of those, you could use a small zig-zag stitch.

This amazing technique gives really clean edges without the fuss of needle turn. The best part? You aren't limited to orange peels. Try this out with other simple applique shapes.

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