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Create your own quilt labels with a Cricut

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

You've done it! You finished that quilt you slaved over for what felt like forever. Maybe you're giving your quilt as a gift or keeping it for yourself because you can't bear to part with it. In either case, you want to label your quilt so that years later, whomever ends up with your masterpiece, knows you made it and why.

There are plenty of different ways out there to create your own personalized quilt labels. Lately I've been using my Cricut Maker to make iron-on vinyl cut outs. It produces a clean and professional looking label.

Of course you could always buy labels from your local craft store but they won't have your name on it. You could also head over to Etsy or Shopify and pay someone else to make them for you. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, try and make your own! This will leave you with a quilt label that really screams "you".

I design my quilting labels right in Cricut Design Space. I love all of the different possibilities here. Just remember, keep your font sizes at 20 or higher. Any smaller and you probably won't be able to weed around your letters. I also think about the font itself. Anything too whimsical or dainty can get really hard to work with.

I love this combo of gold on off-white. So pretty! For this label (that doesn't have a quilt yet) my vinyl cut out measured around 3.5"x4.5". I cut the fabric so that I have a half inch extra on every side, then iron over a quarter inch. After I've ironed, I cut the corner (but not too close so that it can still fold over) to cut down on bulk.

For quilts with printed backs, I put the iron-on vinyl onto a solid color fabric that matches the quilt or is in the quilt top. If the back is a light color and the print isn't too busy, I'll just put the iron-on directly onto the quilt.

What's you're favorite way to label a quilt? Leave a comment below.

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Renee Dawalga
Renee Dawalga
Mar 14, 2022

Hello there- silly question but how do you attach the piece of fabric with the label onto your quilt?

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