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Color Block Baby Quilt - Free Pattern!

Over the last year I have struggled to find meaningful ways to fill my time that don't involve work. Usually I would be out and about, volunteering, grabbing coffee with a friend, visiting my extended family members, taking trips around the east coast, or off playing gigs. One thing that I can do in my humble abode is quilt. So I quilted and I quilted and now I don't have enough space to store all of my quilts. I know, quite a problem right? I also accumulated a lot of scraps.

Last October I started a small project to connect with other people, even if it wasn't in person, use up some of those scraps, and quilt for someone other than myself. I found eight beautiful ladies from around the states to help me out. I sent directions on how to make a block, and they sent me blocks made from their scrap bins. I put the blocks together into finished quilts which are being donated to a local-to-me woman's resource center.

It was super exciting to get packages in the mail. I never quite new what I was going to get. It was really fascinating to see what fabric scraps the other ladies had in their stashes and surprising when we had many of the same fabrics!

It took me a little longer to put the quilts together than I thought at first. I was hoping to have them done for Christmas (HA!) but the mail had other ideas. One of the packages took six weeks to get to me! I know, we all waited on packages this year. I'm just grateful we have a system set up to send each other stuff.

Many of us in the project started out as complete strangers but over the last several months, I've really enjoyed receiving hand written letters, Facebook messages, and a gaining a group of ladies I know I can reach out to again.

Each quilt that was created is unique. Some have a color theme and others are just a mi

and match of everything. The quilts are three blocks wide by four blocks long with sashing in between. They come out to be 38" x 50".

My favorite quilts were the ones with minky backs. They are super cuddly! Don't be intimidated by quilting with minky. I actually find it to be even more forgiving than a traditional cotton backing.

Interested in making your own? Check out the free pdf pattern here!

Color Block Baby Quilt (1)
Download PDF • 1.38MB

I'm planning on running the project again next year. Interested in joining? Send me a message! I'd love to add you to the team.

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