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Charm pack floral baby quilt

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Charm packs are great: the colors coordinate and they come precisely cut (such a time saver). Combine that with the plethora of designs you can create with them and you've got yourself a great option if you have a baby shower tomorrow and no gift.

In my case, I whipped up this quilt in a couple hours as a direct result of my 2020 New Years resolution to finish all of my unfinished quilt projects...I made that before I counted up all of my projects. This charm pack was gifted to me from another quilter who didn't have time to get to all of her projects (not that I could ever imagine that happening to me).

I added the solid white squares for two reasons: first, because it broke up the busy floral patterns nicely, giving the quilt an overall lighter feel, and second, charm packs by themselves wont give you a super big quilt.

Since white fabric can be pretty shear, I decided to try pressing my seams open instead of pressing them to one side. This was an AMAZING decision and I will be pressing seams open way more often in the future. By pressing them open, I not only ensured that only white seams would be behind white fabric, it also made my corners much less bulky. It was definitely more time consuming but the results were worth it.

Learning how to quilt, I always tried to make the binding seem invisible, blending perfectly into the quilt. Lately, however, I've been loving creating contrast and actually drawing your eyes to the binding.

Who ever said the binding had to be boring???

Even if you don't have a looming deadline, sometimes these quick and easy projects are just so fun and relaxing, I didn't have to think too hard. I kept the quilting simple, the colors fun, and love how it turned out. Making this truly took me to my happy place.

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